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1-800 Contacts: College Campaign

1-800 Contacts college campaign

For college students, the slightest setback can result in a paranoia spiral that leads to the inevitable, "my life is over."

Forgetting to refill your contacts prescription is one of these setbacks. But with 1-800 Contacts, it doesn't have to be this dramatic.


Overly Dramatic Facebook Videos

The campaign kicked off with short Facebook videos that dramatized the emotional chain reaction of forgetting to refill your contacts prescription.


Overly Dramatic Print

Flyers were posted in college gymnasiums across the country.


Overly Dramatic Interactive Pre-Roll

The campaign was a success, so we kept it going with a partnership with TrueX. We created a fake Netflix carousel that depicted our existing commercials as dramatic films. Users could click through the carousel to see a "trailer" and summary of the film, leading them to download the app. 

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