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Brother Brother Brother Podcast


The Brother Brother Brother Podcast

I try to constantly fill my time with projects. My usual process is as follows:
1) Decide to do a thing, 2) Freak out because I don't know how to do said thing, and 3) Do the thing. 

In 2016, despite having zero experience as a producer, I agreed to start, launch, and produce a music podcast called Brother Brother Brother. 




The podcast features three brothers, born in three different decades, with one shared obsession: Music.

The cross-generational theme factored into my idea for the logo. Three decades, three typographies inspired by the music of that era: 70’s punk (Sex Pistols, Clash), 80’s glam (Prince), and 90s hip-hop (N.W.A., graffiti).

BBB logo.jpg


I wrote a logline for the podcast, which became an essential selling point anytime we discussed or pitched the show. 

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I built a parallax site on Squarespace to host the show and publish episodes, including bios for the hosts, embedded Spotify playlists for each episode, an integrated Instagram feed featuring live concert photography, and a blog. The design was clean, simple, black & white. Rock and roll. 



Recording was the first challenge. The three hosts and I all live in separate cities and as of yet, have never been in the same room at the same time. I figured out a method for us to record episodes remotely over the phone, each recording separate tracks that I would then edit and mix together. I just needed to learn how to edit.

Once we figured out recording, I created an episode structure, contracted with Simon Doom (a musician from the band MGMT) for the show's intro music, and we got to work. 

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Artist Outreach

A goal of ours was to insert ourselves into the indie rock conversation. We started by contacting up-and-coming artists for interviews, leveraging their influence and built-in audiences.



We targeted the press early, highlighting the unique backstory of the podcast as a potential feature.

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Guerilla Marketing

... and we plastered our logo all over music venues in New York, Boston, and San Francisco.


Going Live

This July, we hosted our first live podcast at the Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall, England, where we interviewed esteemed authors Geoff Dyer and Richard Mason about the intersection between music and literature. More to come...