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Clear Channel: My Town

Clear Channel

Clear Channel asked us to use their digital billboards to "create something good or stop something bad."

We created "My Town," a social campaign that used the Instagram holiday #TBT to capture the history of ever-changing cities.  

The campaign launched on digital billboards in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. 


The Call to Action

Our goal was to create living windows into a city's history through Clear Channel's billboards. We created a personalized hashtag for each city and asked people to share snapshots of their city on Instagram. 

New York had the most submissions, and the photos were prominently displayed in Times Square. 

We articulated our idea in the pitch with a concept video that served as a love letter to the New York City of old. 

The Pitch: Submissions

In the pitch, we showed a few ways that Clear Channel could own this holiday in cities, like public installations, screenprinted posters, and city-specific stickers.

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