Detroit Tourism: Great American Ruins

Detroit Tourism

Some of the world's most popular tourist attractions are ruins. Greece. Rome. Peru. Yet for some reason, the abandoned buildings and factories of Detroit are seen as blights and eyesores.

With a rough idea in our head and a bunch of supplies in our trunk, we trekked up to Detroit and explored ruins. We created a tourism campaign set hundreds of years in the future, making certain abandoned sites historical landmarks and windows to the city's past. 






Using photos from our journey through Detroit's ruins, we told the story of a fallen empire and the relics it left behind. This would be used as a guide for Detroit's new landmarks and tourist attractions. 

Augmented reality app

Visitors of Detroit can enhance their experience when visiting the ruins through an augmented reality app which allows them to interact with specific sites, accessing lost documents, pictures, and 3D models of the buildings in their heyday. 


Digital Museum

Relics of Detroit's lost history are immortalized through a digital museum and examined from the foreign perspective of future archaeologists. 


Visitors can buy a key to the city, which gives them access to all the exhibits in a 24-hour period. 


Money generated from app and key sales is put toward community development. Renovated houses and shops are given a Detroit sticker to display on the new building. 

Making of

This project was an adventure from start to finish. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how it all went down.

AD (and travel companion): Toliver Roebuck