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GroupMe: Flo Finda

GroupMe: Flo Finda

GroupMe is a group messaging app that allows groups to communicate with text, videos, gifs, memes, and emoji.

For their first brand campaign, we created a mobile scavenger hunt across 10 college campuses. To play, students downloaded GroupMe and added the Flo Finda contact, which delivered clues to different locations on their campus. The school with the most points earned a free Flo Rida concert for their school.


Clue #1: The Flo Riddle

Flo Rida kicked off the first clue by rapping a "Flo Riddle" which led to the main quad on each college's campus. I still can't believe he did this. 


Clue #2: Social influencers gif

We worked with five Vine and Instagram influencers to announce the second clue. They posted their videos and photos through their channels and we combined their submissions into an animated gif pushed through the app, leading Flo Findas to their college's basketball A-R-E-N-A. 


Clue #3: The Old Emoji and the Sea

The third clue was the story of Old Man and the Sea, told through GroupMe's emoji catalogue and leading to the main undergraduate library on each campus. 


And I wrote one more just for fun. You get one Flo Finda point if you can guess it correctly. 


Clue #4: The Lunch Lady meme

The fourth clue was a meme of a lunch lady posing next to a trophy made of raw bacon, Kraft singles, and lettuce, leading to the campus cafeteria. 


Clue #5: The Beer Stein Basketball Brawl

The fifth clue led to a well-known bar near campuses. We built a tabletop basketball court, printed beer stein-sized jerseys, and scrapped together a video of a basketball game between two heated rivals. 


And the winner is...

University of Connecticut and Michigan State duked it out throughout the campaign, but UCONN's rally in the final two days was enough to clinch a victory. Of course, we got Flo to announce the winner and pushed the video through the app. Getting Flo Rida to say "find the Flo within yourself" was the highlight of the campaign for me. 



At the end of the campaign, we had 1500 groups join the campaign, with an estimated 7500 people downloading GroupMe and participating in the hunt.

The Concert

Flo Rida finished up the campaign by getting an entire crowd of fans to chant the client's name. A pretty satisfying conclusion.