Intel: Great Wall

Intel: Preserving a Legacy

Over one-third of the Great Wall has been reclaimed by the Earth, and the Jiankou section of the Wall hasn't been restored since it was built over 600 years ago. Its steep cliffs and remote location make restoration of this landmark nearly impossible (especially using conventional methods i.e. a tape measure). 

Partnering with the Great Wall Heritage Foundation, Intel launched a new approach to restoring this world wonder, using artificial intelligence and drones. We traveled to this remote section of the Great Wall to tell the story of this mission.


Hero Film

Our documentary told the story of the historian, student, and technology team working together to become a part of the Great Wall's future.


Tech Films

Additional films broke down the drone and AI technology used during the mission. 


360 Teaser

An interactive 360 video teased the mission on social media and allowed people to soar over the Great Wall from a drone's perspective. 


We told the story of the expedition on social and created bite-sized content that drew people into the journey. 


Results: Over 16m total YouTube views (#1 video on Intel’s channel)

Featured in: Fast Company, BBC, Adweek

One Show: Red Pencil, Bronze (2), Merit (2)