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Intel/Asus: The Tower

Intel/Asus Republic of Gamers

For gamers, hardware is king. Asus Republic of Gamers laptops, powered by Intel, are some of the fastest machines in the market.

We used the laptops to tell the story of a rigged gaming tournament in a dystopian world, and the origin story of a rogue group that built the ROG laptops to win the tournament and tear it all down.  




The Story

The Tower was a dystopian gamer's paradise, built to house professional gamers who played in an annual tournament. The tournament results determined where you lived in the Tower and games were broadcast live on Twitch. However, the powers that be rigged the tournament by providing glitchy, lagging equipment to the players, ensuring that their elite teams stay on top. The story was about a renegade group of gamers who built a superior gaming laptop, using it to rise the ranks in the tournament, expose the corruption of the game, and tear it all down. 


Launch: Graphic Novels

To begin to build the storyworld of The Tower, we created lore around the tournament in the form of digital graphic novels that would tease the film.  



The idea was sold to both clients, but was delayed because it couldn't be produced by the holiday season. I've included it because it best resembles the type of work I like to do. Storyworlds are my jam.