NFL x Intel: What’s in a Play?

Intel TrueView uses 5k stadium cameras, massive processing power, and a proprietary algorigthm to deliver NFL replays in 360°. This allows fans and commentators to break down the biggest plays from every angle. Which is exactly what we did.


What’s in a Play?

Intel’s sports group asked us for a social campaign to feature the NFL True View highlights each week. Our campaign, “What’s in a Play?” turned the highlights themselves into celebrations of the best NFL moments (big and small) that make the season memorable. We broke down every pass, catch, tackle, sack, twist, and turn into a weekly series of social films that let fans see every side of the play.



Highlights lose relevance quickly, so we had to deploy a quick, nimble production approach. It was a good excuse to spend Sunday watching football.


Our goal was to break the NFL by flooding them with content. We averaged 10 produced films per week and after Week 3, they asked us to slow down. We didn’t.


Influencer Strategy

We worked with NFL players featured in our films to share the clips with their fans and show off their biggest plays.