Zume Brand Launch

Zume is a company that aims to tackle climate change and food security by making the food supply chain more efficient and sustainable. However, the problem Zume was attempting to solve is extremely complicated. The company’s solution was even more complicated. And on top of that, the world viewed Zume as the “robot pizza people,” based on the company’s startup origins.

We needed to build a brand and we needed to do it from scratch.



An anthem film, “Earth, the Restaurant” outlined the complex problem Zume was attempting to solve in the language of our primary customers: the food and restaurant industry.


Brand Book

Internally, the company lacked consistent messaging, voice, and ways to talk about Zume. This brand book was hidden inside notebooks distributed across the company, giving employees a new understanding of the company and its mission.



Finally came the challenge of telling Zume’s complicated story and our purpose at the intersection of the food industry, tech industry, and climate change.



demian 4.png

To announce the launch of Zume’s new brand and identity, the company flew in 500+ employees from across the world for a private event in San Francisco.

I delivered a presentation to the company walking them through the strategy, the work, and the future of the brand.